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Hi! If you've found your way here, thanks for being interested in my work!

Before you follow: please assume that I enjoy content that includes material and themes that are 18+ and may make you uncomfortable, including but not limited to sexually explicit content, RPF of various flavors, and dubcon tropes. My work on AO3 is tagged, but this is a blanket warning for my tweets.

If you are a minor: Please don't interact with my NSFW & mature content. It's not a moral judgement, it's for my safety and for yours! I do generally check the ages of those who follow me. However, I'm always happy to talk shop re: writing more broadly, and to shout about my faves!

I'm a shy egg, but feel free to follow and chat with me! I'll likely follow back if you're 21+ and a fellow creator :) I enjoy making new fandom friends even if it takes me a while to work up the guts to interact! πŸ’™

ships & faves

πŸ’™ JohnTen, XiaoDery, DoJae, DoTae, NoMin & many more!
πŸ’™ mutual pining, friends to lovers, first times, s m u t
πŸ’™ soulmates, romantic comedy, rimming

current fandoms

πŸ’› NCT & WayV & SuperM RPF
πŸ’› MDSZ / The Untamed

πŸ’™ See below for links to the various places you can find me! Feel free to chat wherever! πŸ’™

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johnten fics

🧹ridden hard and put away wet
JohnTen β€’ 3k β€’ M
Catching the snitch and winning the quidditch match for Slytherin? Fantastic.
Making out with your rival-slash-boyfriend in the locker room afterwards? Even better.

πŸ”₯ spark to ignite
JohnTen β€’ 3k β€’ T+
The Mad Burnish's helmet shatters, cracking open to reveal its owner's face. Johnny's eyes widen.
Because looking back at Johnny is the most beautiful boy he's ever seen.

πŸ‘– the self edge
JohnTen β€’ 17k β€’ T+
Baekhyun gifts Ten a pair of jeans. Magic jeans. That will help Ten get what he wants most, if he wears them. But Ten doesn't believe in magic - and jeans can't help his situation with Johnny.
Or... can they?

πŸ–€ positions
JohnTen β€’ 18k β€’ E
β€œWe could go back to yours,” Ten says, looking up at Johnny and holding his gaze. His eyes go half-lidded, his lips twitching into another smirk.
β€œI could give you that demonstration.”

πŸ’« Newton's Laws of Motion
JohnTen β€’ 3k β€’ T+
Three bouncers, fifteen security cameras, seven agents, six-hundred data files, thirty minutes, nine songs, and one glass of Martian rye whiskey. Or: WayV's mission at a Titan nightclub doesn't go exactly as planned.

🎡 love on repeat
JohnTen β€’ 41k β€’ T+
Ten is cursed. Ten is cursed to hear holiday music every time he thinks about his crush. His maybe-more-than-a-crush.
Y'know. Johnny.

πŸ₯‹ the hook, when it lands
JohnTen β€’ 12k β€’ E
Most people don't have an entire music video to send as a thirst trap. Most people aren't Johnny.
And boy, does it work on Ten.

πŸ’Ž black on black
JohnTen β€’ 10k β€’ T+
Ten is a cat thief with expensive taste. The Phantom is Chicago's very own masked vigilante. Sparks fly - and diamonds aren't the only thing that Ten steals.

other nctv fics

πŸ—£οΈEverybody Talks
DoJae β€’ 15k β€’ M
As head of Q Branch, Doyoung is too busy to pay attention to agency gossip. Especially gossip about agent 007.
Too bad the gossip - and 007 himself - always seem to find Doyoung, anyway.

πŸ’‹ fangbanger (affectionate & derogatory)
KunCas β€’ 21k β€’ E
Lucas is on a mission to scratch an itch. To fuck a vampire. To bang a fang. He finds the most gorgeous vampire he's ever seen at notorious vamp club Bad Alive - and he has no idea what he's gotten himself into.

πŸ’ dirty little secret
MarkHyuck β€’ 3k β€’ E
It's in every kiss, every touch - every bruise they can't explain. Every heated glance that's a promise of what's to come later, behind closed doors:
You are the only one who needs to know.

πŸ‘Ÿ a cinderella kind of moment
XiaoDery β€’ 18k β€’ T+
Prince Hendery sneaks out, has a daiquiri, bleaches his hair, makes new friends, loses a shoe, and maybe falls in love.
But not in that order.

XiaoDery β€’ 19k β€’ T+
Hendery makes a powerpoint. To help Xiaojun get a date. Things kind of snowball from there.

works in progress

β€’ πŸ’ŽπŸΎπŸ¦‡ (JohnTen)
β€’ πŸ’‹πŸ˜ΌπŸ”₯ (JohnTen)